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Tunisia’s unique identifier

Tunisia’s unique identifier

The unique identifier is generated by CRNE, whose mission is to manage the National Register of Companies which is a public database for collecting data and information about companies and making them available to the public.
The unique identifier is composed of 7 digits with a control key.
The control key is a unique character that can take all the letters of the alphabet except "I", "O" and "U". This character allows checking if a unique identifier respects some predefined rules. Otherwise, it would be an erroneous or falsified identifier.

Why the unique identifier is important?

Why the unique identifier is important?

The unique identifier serves as the taxpayer's identifier to the tax authorities.
The financier must oppose the payment/accounting of invoices whose unique identifier appears to be erroneous. This will allow him to avoid the risk of non-deductible charges (to be reintegrated during the tax settlement).
He will have to verify the unique identifier of the beneficiary when issuing withholding tax certificates on supplier payments. This will avoid errors when drawing up the employer's declaration.