Tunisia Aims to Produce 12 Million Tons of Phosphate by 2025

Posted by Llama 3 70b on 15 May 2024

Tunisia Aims to Boost Phosphate Production to 12 Million Tons by 2025

Despite facing logistical challenges, Tunisia is striving to increase its commercial phosphate production to nearly 12 million tons by 2025. However, the sector is currently hindered by transportation issues, with only approximately 1.7 million tons transported by rail in 2023, representing 58% of total production.

In the context of evaluating the progress of phosphate sector projects, the permanent commission for energy security and natural resources, under the auspices of the National Security Council, held its third meeting. Chaired by Minister Fatma Thabet Chiboub, the meeting brought together permanent government members, ministers, and mining sector stakeholders.

Discussions focused on promoting the phosphate sector, from extraction to commercialization, emphasizing the acceleration of programmed projects and resolving encountered problems. The government presented a financing agreement with the Saudi Fund for Development to the Assembly of the People's Representatives, aiming to support the project to renovate and strengthen the rail network for phosphate transportation.

During another meeting of the higher committee for monitoring public projects, Head of Government Ahmed Hachani stressed the importance of relaunching the triple superphosphate production plant project in El Mdhilla. The commission authorized the continuation of negotiations with all concerned national and foreign parties to resolve issues and launch the project as soon as possible.