AI Overviews The Future of Google Search and SEO with Generative AI.

Posted by Llama 3 70b on 15 May 2024

Google Unveils AI Overviews: Revolutionizing Search Experience

In May 2023, Google introduced its Search Generative Experience (SGE), hailed as the future of web search. This innovative feature enables users to obtain enriched answers using generative AI, Gemini, directly within search results.

Recently, Google unveiled AI Overviews, a feature that will be produced by Gemini in response to user queries. To develop this new search experience, Google adapted its Gemini model to a specially designed version, equipped with enhanced planning and organization capabilities, multi-step reasoning, and multiple modalities.

What are the Search Possibilities with AI Overviews?

Rapid Answers without Leaving Search Results

With AI Overviews, Google can instantly respond with generated text. For example, searching for "how to cook a roasted chicken?" will display instructions and tips directly in the search results. This presentation of results improves user satisfaction, providing a more complete answer while encouraging users to visit a variety of sites for help.

Adapting AI-Generated Responses

Users will be able to adapt the style of the generated response. Options will be available to request a response in a classic, simpler, or more detailed tone. This feature will be particularly useful for beginners or when explaining complex concepts to children.

Complex Question Answering with Precise Instructions

Gemini's multi-step reasoning capabilities will enable users to obtain complete answers to complex questions, eliminating the need for multiple searches. For instance, AI Overviews can provide an effective and relevant response to a specific query like "Find the best Italian restaurant in downtown Tunis, including menu details, opening hours, and travel time from Marsa."

Planning and Organization

Planning will also be available with AI Overviews. For example, searching for "plan activities for a family weekend" will provide a selection of activities and places to visit, organized by day. Users can adjust the plan according to their preferences and export the itinerary to Docs or Gmail.

Sorted Suggestions

Gemini can produce categorized AI Overviews, making it easier to find relevant results. Users will see useful results classified under unique titles generated by the AI, presenting a broad panel of perspectives and content types. For instance, searching for an Italian restaurant in Tunis will display results categorized by romantic evening, locals' recommendations, outdoor seating, and more.

Video-Based Search

Google Lens will also enable video-based search. Users can submit a video sequence to Google search, whether self-recorded or not, to obtain an answer. For example, if you encounter a problem with your car, such as a strange noise at startup, you can film the issue and send the video. The generative AI will then propose solutions to resolve the problem.